• Our Story

    Family is the operative word for It’s So Ranunculus. Together Craig Robinson, his wife Marla Miner-Robinson and their daughter Leah O'Hearn opened the only florist in town. After months of planning the shoppe opened for business in April 2006.

    The shoppe offered a beginning for the family. It is in many ways, the end of years of searching for the right spot. In 2004 Leah moved to Chicago to be with her boyfriend, now husband. While looking for a school to attend she came across an advertisement for work at The Flower Studio. "It was the most unique and creative florist I’d ever seen," Leah said. "I knew at that moment that this was my calling."

    "Our family is full of inspiring minds. My mom is a great crafter and always loved antique furniture; my father is a collector of odd treasures and loves to find new ways to use them. My older sister Rianne is an amazing artist. And my younger sister Kat has an eye for behind the camera. I was so fortunate that I finally found my art form" Leah says.

    Leah has since moved back to her hometown of East Hampton, CT and began her life's passion.

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