How it all began

At the age of seventeen, I moved to The Windy City to be with my boyfriend, now husband, Jason.
As I reluctantly searched for schools to attend, I came across an advertisement for work at The
Flower Studio. I knew I needed a job so I stopped in. It was the most unique and creative
environment I’d ever seen, it spoke to my heart. I knew at that moment, it was what I needed to
pursue. After exploring the art of flowers in Chicago for two years, I moved back home and with
the helping hands of my family, It’s So Ranunculus was born. We believe that florals are a beautiful way to express our gratitude, share our emotions, and express happiness. How lucky to have found our 
extemded flower family in Marlborough. This community has shown us such love and support. 

My family is full of inspiring people. My mom, Marla, is an incredible crafter and YaYa; my dad,
Craig is a collector of odd treasures and loves to find ways to repurpose them; my oldest sister,
Rianne, is an unbelievable artist; and my youngest sister, Kat, has the perceptive brain (she
actually helped me write this!) My husband Jason, who began this journey with me, has
patiently supported my creativity and continues to cheer me on. And the most important
humans, my 2 boys Grayden and Cooper who remind me every day that there is always time to
be silly. I feel so fortunate these are the people in my corner. Since 2006, family is what has
grown It’s So Ranunculus Flower Shoppe into the beautiful business it has become.

XOXO Leah 

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